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Organic Raw Sprouted Hummus (172 g)

Veggie Paradise

fresh gluten-free organic vegan
Weight: 0.172 kg

Hummus is enjoyed throughout the world by everyone and it is just one of those foods that everyone can truly enjoy with virtually anything! It`s been done a thousand times, but you know what? Veggie Paradise has a new take on it, and is planning to revolutionize the way people view Hummus. This hummus is completely raw, no roasting of chickpeas. Instead, chickpeas sprout over a four day period and are cleansed 5 times using pure ionized pH 11.0 water, and mash them into the freshest spread you`ll ever treat your tastebuds to. This product is fresh.


Ingredients: raw org. sprouted chickpeas, raw org. sprouted lentils, garlic, coriander, org. cumin, water, org. olive oil, lemon juice, org. gluten-free low sodium tamari, sea salt, black pepper, spices. Contains soy.


Preparing Textured Vegetable Protein

*The above picture is simply our large TVP meat slices which have been dry rubbed with simple salt and black pepper and pan-fried to perfection!    The following is a...

Grand Opening

The Vegan Artisan started out as a little dream of providing the very best in vegan cuisine to the world straight to the customer... buy vegan food online, shop vegan...


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