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Citrus infused Riblets (300 g)

Veggie Paradise

frozen Saucy vegan
Weight: 0.3 kg

Our meatless Riblets are infused with a refreshing burst of citrus flavour. Prepared in a tangy marinade, these vegan mouth-watering Riblets are full of flavour and have a delicious and tender texture.


Ingredients: non-GMO soy fibre, non-GMO soy protein, wheat protein, water, soybean oil, tapioca starch, soy sauce, raw cane sugar, maltose, plum juice, vinegar, sea salt, white pepper, licorice, cinnamon, yeast paste, natural seasoning.


Preparing Textured Vegetable Protein

*The above picture is simply our large TVP meat slices which have been dry rubbed with simple salt and black pepper and pan-fried to perfection!    The following is a...

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The Vegan Artisan started out as a little dream of providing the very best in vegan cuisine to the world straight to the customer... buy vegan food online, shop vegan...


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