Veggie Paradise

At Veggie Paradise the way we package our products is just as important as the way our products taste. When it comes to packaging, we go to great lengths to ensure the following:

  1. A fully insulated box liner - This is important. It ensures that our customers receive products as cold as possible and minimizes loss of coolness
  2. A colder than ice, ice pack -  A super cold liquid gel pack that is colder than ice is used to keep frozen products cold while in transport. 
  3. Quality Thick Boxes - Theory behind this is, if we use thicker boxes, it'll be better insulated. Better insulated means cooler product. Cooler product means happier customers! 
  4. Tightly sealed shipping container - We give our Vegan Boxes a whole lot of TLC, making sure containers are fully sealed to minimize gaps which may leak out cool air from inside and prevent hot air from entering the container

Customers that pick up orders can save an extra 10% (not to mention the savings from shipping!), the savings we get by not having to worry about packaging goes straight back into your purse/wallet.

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Preparing Textured Vegetable Protein

*The above picture is simply our large TVP meat slices which have been dry rubbed with simple salt and black pepper and pan-fried to perfection!    The following is a...

Grand Opening

The Vegan Artisan started out as a little dream of providing the very best in vegan cuisine to the world straight to the customer... buy vegan food online, shop vegan...