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Mixed Sea Veggies (180 g)

Sea Tangle

gluten-free vegan
Weight: 0.18 kg

This mighty healthy package of goodness contains a combination of nine different sea vegetables. Some are commonly known such as kelp (kombu), wakame, and hiziki while others are not widely available, such as seaweed stems and montagne.

Sea vegetables are a tasty and great source of fiber, calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium, and iodine. An excellent nutrient booster, these sea veggies are an excellent topper to any salad. Not only are sea veggies incredibly healthy, they are incredibly beautiful, just check out Veggie Paradise's Sea Veggie Salad.



Preparing Textured Vegetable Protein

*The above picture is simply our large TVP meat slices which have been dry rubbed with simple salt and black pepper and pan-fried to perfection!    The following is a...

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